evoo – street kitchen

evoo – street kitchen – nordic/italian street food

On the first floor of Huset you can fill up on italian street food made from local, organic ingredients. Here you can get a vegetarian pizza, evoos take on polenta fries or a focaccia sandwich.

evoo – or extra virgin olive oil – has moved into the old Spisehus kitchen on the first floor. This street kitchen draws inspiration from the italian and nordic gourmet traditions og offers vegetarien alternatives to the traditional street food classics like pizza and sandwiches.

The take away dishes is defined by season and the ingrediens is chosen with a focus on climate kindness and a organic base. evoo has a bronze mark in organicness with a 60-90% of ingredients being from organic sources.

There is seating in the restaurant, but there is also the posebileties to take the food with you to a koncert in Musikcaféen, while you are playing boardgames in Bastard Café or if you want to enjoy some jazz in Stardust.

Read more about evoo – street kitchen or see their menu on the website


evoo – street kitchens opening hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 17-22

Closed August 4th – 29th due to vacation. Opens on Friday August the 30rd