The Big Lebowski The Movie Drink-Along

Husets biograf

Come and visit us in Husets Biograf and feel your inner movie nerd

At Husets biograf we’ll go the ekstra mile to create uniq and fun movie experiences. In the old theater we show everthing from cult classics til more indie, underground movies in all genres. Sicence fiction, drama, fantasy, horror, you name it!

In the cinema we throw popular, interaktive movie showings like Sing-along, where you can sing and dance along to Grease. If you’r not that into singing you can also join The Dudes and toast-along with cold white russians for the Movie Drink-Along where we show the movie classic The Big Labowski.

There is of course also room for the more traditional cinema experience with popcorn and soda, as we show The NeverEnding Story. The room, Carrie along with many others.

Find the calendar here

Here, you can also find information on how to buy and reserve tickets.

So come and let yourself enjoy a world of fantastic history told on film.


Husets biograf is run by the community Husets biograf and is entirely based on volunteers, so if you want to be a part of our movie univers and can see yourself as a part of our team, you are very welcome to contact Jack Stevenson