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The History of Huset

The first and leading culture house of Denmark

Huset-KBH (or simply ‘Huset’) has been Denmark’s first and largest culture house since the 1970’s! Huset’s buildings date back to the 15th and 18th century and were previously used as a cattle shed and a tool factory. In 1968, different political and activist groups conceived the idea for “Project House.” The following year the plans for the old warehouse (that was Huset) were published. On April 1, 1970, the house was handed over to younger communities in Copenhagen. Many hippies moved into the building, where up to 700 people stayed on the house’s concrete floors (the first concrete house in Denmark). After much debate regarding the house, it was closed the following year. The municipality decided in May 1972 to re-open the house as the Copenhagen Youth Center. Within its’ lifetime, the house has been closed and reopened about three times.


Today Huset hosts approximately 1,500 events annually spread across 10 different stages with everything from live music and performances to comedy and cinematic films such as old cult movies. On the first floor, through the charming courtyard, there is Bastard Café, a cozy board game café. Huset is a joint center for all sorts of social and cultural activities, which is supported by the City of Copenhagen, the Culture Mayor, and the Parliamentary Finance Committee. Most of the events at Huset are made through co-creation and volunteering.


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This unique venue has a remarkable legacy spanning over four decades and has become very important to many of Copenhageners, who know it for its colorful history and diversity of cultural and musical programs. This venue contains unique experiences for everyone – regardless if you speak Danish or English! And the prices are inexpensive and many of the events are free of charge.

Lydpol presents a permanent podwalk about Huset-KBH’s exciting past. Listen to the stories and history of how it all began on SoundCloud.


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