Koncert i Musikcaféen, fotograf


Musikcaféen – The alternative music stage of Copenhagen

On the third floor of Huset you will find Musikcaféen, wich is the biggest and oldest stage of Huset. This stage presents up-and-coming artist in rock, pop and alternative music. The stage has in more than 40 years been the place where you’ll first meet the newest artist.

This stage has provided the foundation for koncerts with DAD, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The William Blakes, Oh Land, Rumour Said Fire, Dagny and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy who took the title of winners at DM in Rock in 1993.

Besides music, you can experience Open Mic Stand-Up for Red Barnet Ungdom – both as a guest but also a comedian.

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It is also possible to rent these rooms for private events Read more about renting the venues here

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