Frequently Asked Questions! 

If you have any questions about Huset, the events and festivals taking place at Huset you might just be able to find an answer to your question below:

Age limit

Basically, there is no age limit for events in Huset-KBH, but we do follow the legislative rules when it comes to buying alcohol in the bar. We recommend children are accompanied by an adult.

When do the events start?

Check out the times for the specific event under ’Events’ on our website.


You find the main entrance for Huset-KBH at Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København K. There’s another entrance at Magstræde 14 too, but if closed, please use main entrance.


Tickets for events in Huset-KBH can be purchansed at

Check the specific event under ‘Events’ and find the right information about pre-sale. No specifications? Tickets are available at the entrance.


Tickets for our cinema – Husets Biograf – can be reserved by sending an e-mail to with the following information: which event/movie title and how many tickets you want. You will receive a confirmation of reservation. Need help? Write an e-mail to or call him at +45 20 29 70 13

We do not have an in-house ticket office at Huset-KBH, so you have to buy your ticket online or at the entrance when you get here.

Communities in Huset-KBH

In Huset-KBH we have a lot of different organized communities doing all sorts of events: Music, performance art, movie screenings, poetry, stand-up, spoken word – you name it!


Foreningen bag Huset-KBH

Foreningen bag Huset-KBH (The Community Behind Huset-KBH) is a gathering of all the cultural communities and other active people in Huset-KBH.

There’s a large diversity and one group differs from another. They participate a great deal in the spirit of Huset-KBH and underlines the values of this historical place:

History, unique, original, diverse, friction, playful, urban, mutable, rebellion and anarchy

The community’s most important function is to be exacting for other creative communities to participate in creating a creative, fun and interesting house.

Another important task is to function as a strategic partner for the administration and try to improve the different facilities such as tech, inventory, and awareness about the people in Huset-KBH and Huset-KBH in general mainly through funding.

Finally, the community Foreningen Bag Huset-KBH is a unifying social organ for all the different players and communities in Huset-KBH.



Huset-KBH works to be accessible for everyone. We believe that accessibility is more than just physical frameworks. The accessibility is the good service and communication, to ensure that we go together while experiencing the cultural life together. Everyone, despite gender, religion, sexual orientation and handicap, are welcome in Huset-KBH.

For the disabled

Huset-KBH has a freight elevator that gives access to Bastard Café, Evoo Street Kitchen, Bip Bip Bar Pop-up, Stardust, Husets Biograf, Vox, Musikcaféen and Xenon. It can be a bit difficult to get to other areas of the house. Feel free to ask our staff for assistance!

If you are a large group of disabled it would be a great help for us if you could contact us in advance to make sure that we can help you out in the best way possible. See pictures of Huset’s entrance, scenes and parking via link


Basically, we don’t have a wardrobe here in Huset-KBH, but at some events, there might be one. It’s always your own responsibility if you put your effects in the wardrobe. In Bastard Café and Musikcaféen you’ll find lockers where you can put your stuff. Keep an eye on your stuff – always!

Forgot something?

Effects forgotten in Huset-KBH will be kept for two weeks and can be collected at our office Monday through Friday between 11 and 15 o’clock. Feel free to call us in advance +45 21 51 21 51.


Our office is open Mondays through Fridays between 11 and 15 o’clock. You can contact us by phone +45 21 51 21 51.

No drugs policy

Despite our rather colorful past, we do not under any circumstances tolerate any kinds of drugs in Huset-KBH. Any violations will lead to eviction from our property and will be reported to the Danish police.


At some events, you might be able to reserve a specific seat, but for the main part, there’s free seating. It’s always a good idea to be here in good time before the show.

Public transportation to Huset-KBH

Huset-KBH is located in the center of Copenhagen close to Strøget, Nytorv, Christiansborg and in walking distance from the main train station and Nørreport station. It’s very easy to get here and get home by public transportation – even at night.


It’s pretty hard to find a parking space in the center of Copenhagen, and Huset-KBH cannot provide parking. We recommend that you walk or get here by public transportation.

You can park your bike just across from Huset-KBH at Vandkunsten, and we recommend that you park there instead of blocking the sidewalk in front of Huset-KBH. For security reasons, you’re not allowed to park your bike in our yard. Please, respect this.


If you want to put up a poster for an event outside Huset-KBH you can put in on a specific pillar in our foyer. Anywhere else is off limits for anyone outside the administration of Huset-KBH.

It’s strictly forbidden for anyone outside the administration of Huset-KBH to take down or cover the posters of others. It is also forbidden to put up unauthorized posters in the windows or on the walls.

The administration of Huset-KBH can at any time move or remove posters which have been put up without permission.


Smoking is not allowed inside. If you need to smoke you must go outside in the yard.

Rent Huset-KBH

It is possible to rent Huset-KBH for events – read more under the menu ‘LEASING’.


Sold out events

When an event in Huset-KBH is marked with ’udsolgt’ or ’sold out’ it means that it is in fact sold out: There are no more tickets.

Opening hours (administration) /DAY

Huset administration office is open Mon-Fri: 11.00-15.00

Opening hours /NIGHT

Husets opening hours of our different venues can change depending on the specific events, but as a rule of thumb:

Sunday-Thursday: 20.00-01.00

Friday-Saturday: 20.00-02.00

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