17.05 At 19.00
DKPL22 Showcase – Day 1
JazzDanmark and PolishDanish Jazz Days welcome you to the first day of DKPL22 Jazz Showcase on the beautiful stage Stardust at HUSET.
Featured bands on day 1:
20:00 Licak/Andersson/Sommer Trio (PL/DK)
Licak/Andersson/Sommer trio is rooted in musical tradition of polish-danish co-operation and its recognizably expressive language and sound. The band presents the original compositions of its members, and the music fluctuates between the well-known jazz roots and the modernity and colorful avant-garde. Experienced rhythm section of bassist Richard Andersson and drummer Daniel Sommer, raised in different parts of Denmark, meet saxophonist Tomasz Licak at different points in time and places. Tomasz as one of the first Poles to begin studying rhythmic music in Odense in 2005, were among those who started a wave of music students coming to Denmark. This resulted quickly in many projects on international jazz scene, including KRAN and Trouble Hunting, where both Tomasz and Richard were involved. The evening will be therefore filled with musicial memories showing the emotional musical bond that musicians have built over the past fifteen years.
Tomasz Licak – tenor saxophone
Richard Andersson – double bass
Daniel Sommer – drums
21:30 Artur Tuźnik Sextet (PL/DK/SE)
SPRING – the debut album from the Artur Tuźnik Sextet – takes listeners on an engaging, reflective journey through sounds, sensations, and seasons in a program featuring new music that pays homage to the bandleader and composer’s greatest inspirations. The musical voices of the carefully chosen contributing instrumentalists bring nine original tunes to life in a production that’s intimate, spiritual, and offers something for audiences of all backgrounds.
Polish pianist and composer Artur Tuźnik (b. 1989) has been based in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2008 and is one of only a few musicians to have studied at both the “classical” (Royal Danish Academy of Music) and “jazz” (Rhythmic Music Conservatory) schools in the Danish capital. His fascination with both sprawling genres is evident in his virtuosic playing, but also in his compositions. As a pianist, Tuźnik is known for his work with drummer Thomas Blachman, Thomas Agergaard, Tomasz Stanko, Chris Cheek, and Tony Malaby, among many others. He’s written commissioned pieces for the Classical Days festival in Holstebro, and his work as a composer has been celebrated by international audiences and reviewers alike.
Artur Tuźnik – piano, composition
Ned Ferm – tenor saxophone
Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Petter Hängsel – trombone
Anders “AC” Christensen – double bass
Simon Olderskog Albertsen – drums
17.05 At 20.00 / Doors At 19.00
DKPL22 Showcase – Day 1

  • Admission 100kr
  • Presale 100kr + fee - Buy ticket
  • Student tickets 50 kr.