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DKPL22 Showcase – Day 2
JazzDanmark and PolishDanish Jazz Days byder dig velkommen til 2 dage med DKPL22 Jazz Showcase på Stardust i HUSET og sætter fokus på det traditionsrige polsk-danske jazz-samarbejde og dets genkendelige udtryksfulde sprog og lyd.
Vores lineup på anden dag:
Tomasz Dąbrowski creates his 10th album with an all-star septet, presenting music inspired by Tomasz Stańko and reflecting on his lasting legacy and lessons learned from Stańko himself.
Dąbrowski says “For a long time, I thought that it was important to be able to play ‘everything’ and make it sound ‘right,’ but after I met Stanko and had some time to reflect on this, I realized that what’s most important is to have your own voice – a voice so strong that it can exist in whatever context you choose and it will still be you,”.
Tomasz Dąbrowski – Trumpet and Electronics
Fredrik Lundin – Tenor Saxophone
Irek Wojtczak – Tenor and Soprano Saxophone plus Electronics
Kamil Piotrowicz – Grand Piano and Keyboards
Mariusz Praśniewski – Double Bass
Knut Finsrud – Acoustic Drums
Jan Emil Młynarski – Electric and Acoustic Drums
Nelle Trio is a band founded by the Danish based Polish singer and songwriter, Karolina Smietana, together with guitarist Stian Swensson and drummer Radek Wosko. All of them have each been part of numerous international projects with big profiles like Lionel Loueke, Palle Mikkelborg and Tomasz Stańko. The band writes original music with elements of jazz, pop and folk, with the lyrics at the center. An unconventional instrumentation with percussion, guitar and vocal provides plenty of space for experiments, musical minimalism, and attention to detail.
In 2020, the band released their debut album “TRIBE”, which reflects the different emotions associated with having to adapt to a foreign culture and find your place as an individual. Through the music, the trio therefore looks at the development of identity, linked to the experience of moving to a foreign country. The group combines their melodic compositions with musical statements on topics such as democracy, the courage to be yourself and equality in spite of different cultures and religions.
RADEK WOSKO (Drums/Percussion / PL)
18.05 Kl. 20.00 / Dør Kl. 19.00
DKPL22 Showcase – Day 2

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