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Falling Down
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This Neoclassic Cult Film with easily the greatest performance of Michael Douglas and co-starred by the always almighty Robert Duvall, shows how a normal person with some personal issues can escalate into madness with the proper environment.
A movie that was completely underrated at its time and a flop on the box office but shows the social problems of the US society from the early 90’s.
Joel Schumacher will be sadly remembered as the guy who made the two worst Batman movies but “Falling Down” is just one proof of how talented and exceptional he was.
Plus is the favourite movie of the Foo Fighters…and Dave Grohl cannot be wrong!
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19:30 = “Falling Down”, Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall, Barbara Hershey, directed by Joel Schumacher, 1993, 108 minutes.
During a specially stifling and sizzling workday in Los Angeles, an ordinary man frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society begins to lash out against them, while he is being tracked by a detective on his last day on duty.
Be ready for the D-Fence!
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Falling Down
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