20.01 At 20.00
Aflyst: Mørkt Stof | Xenon Residency
Xenon, Xenon Foyer


Everything you’ve ever seen, heard and felt is but a fraction of the matter that surrounds you. Dark energy binds us all together with a force that’s undetectable by any scientific instrument.

MØRKT STOF examines this force through artistic experiments. Connected by darkness in many forms, artists of different expertise tap into their common source of inspiration to go on joint exploration of the unknown.


THURSDAY 20.01: Thursday we present a modular concert with Christian Vind Skibdal, live painting session with Kim Heyst and light and visual art. In addition, it is possible to experience the space and see original works.

FRIDAY 21.01: The Friday program has elements from Thursday but the experience is expanded with performance art and musical elements with Craig Dyer, Peter Kure and Magnus Westergaard.

Xenon Residencyis a takeover where artists and musicians are given the keys to Xenon at the 4th floor in HUSET a week before the show, to create a unique cross-artistic experience. Their residency is an opportunity to mix art installations, scenography, visuals, sound design, dance and other cultural expressions with music. In that way the purpose is to expand the possibilities of the traditional concert experience and give artists time to create performances that doesn’t match the typical music production.



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20.01 At 21.00 / Doors At 20.00
Aflyst: Mørkt Stof | Xenon Residency
Xenon, Xenon Foyer

  • Admission 70kr
  • Presale 70kr + fee - Cancelled