02.11 Kl. 16.30
Performative Croquis
Enter a world where the static croquis meets the movement of performance and music.
We invite you to join us for an evening where you as audience is both spectator and co-creator of the visuals portrayed by the bodies on stage, pen in hand, pen on paper.
We create the lines, you immortalize them. Together, we draw the stories.
Performative Croquis is a new and unique concept which consists of originally constructed choreography and music, which has been originally composed for the choreography.
Performative Croquis is a poetic narrative told through expressive body positions & performative movements with dance elements.
Performative Croquis appreciates the traditional Croquis and caters to the beginner, the experienced and to the curious.
Performers: Helene Sally & Sophie Ternowitz
Music: Eocæn, Lars Kivig, Hanna-Rae Hampson
02.11 Kl. 17.00 / Dør Kl. 16.30
Performative Croquis