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Starship Troopers
Husets Biograf

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19:30 = STARSHIP TROOPERS, 1997, dir. Paul Verhoeven, 129 min. / In a fascist, militaristic future humans wage war with giant alien bugs on the planet Klendathu in this satire of modern world politics.

This movie never fails to generate strong reactions, both positive and negative.

Much of the negative criticizes the wooden acting, soap-opera beautiful stars, and unreasonably military tactics that lead to an enormous human body count.

But that misses the whole point. The actors and plotlines are supposed to be caricatures of themselves. We are presented with a seemingly utopian society, where everyone is beautiful, the world is united under a single government, and patriotism is rampant.

The further the movie goes, the more the viewer realizes just how horrific this supposed utopia really is. Patriotism is exploited to trick young men and women into going off to a pointless war. The beautiful people are mercilessly chopped to pieces by their insectoid opponents. And the united world government uses its control of the media to brainwash the public into supporting this bloody war.

A Classic .

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Starship Troopers
Husets Biograf

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