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The Twilight Zone (on 16mm!)
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The Twilight Zone (on 16mm!) Episodes:

Join us for three of the top-rated original episodes from the American Twilight Zone TV series, screened on their original 16mm format and complete with the same TV commercials that screened at the time. (A window into a world of exceptionally well depicted horror but also – via the commercials – a window into the merciless consumerism that recalls the “Mad Men” TV series.) It’s become one of our most popular series with all shows eventually selling out. Today we screen the episodes entitled; “Long Distance Call,” “Garriety and the Graves,” and “Monsters on Maple Street.”

18:00 = Cafe Area Opens /CASH or MOBILE PAY only! / Open seating due to corona rules / Tickets are 70 kr. and can ONLY be pre-bought using the link below. NO RESERVATIONS VIA MAIL AND TICKETS CAN NOT BE BOUGHT AT THE CINEMA

19:00 = First Twilight Zone Episode starts:




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The Twilight Zone (on 16mm!)
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