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Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
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Wickedly hilarious and delightfully deranged, Wild Tales is a subversive satire that doubles as a uniformly entertaining anthology film.

Critically acclaimed and box office sensation particularly in Latin America, Wild Tales won multiple awards including Bafta, Goya and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, and for the Palme d’Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Six dark stories, involving six savage situations full of revenge (either accidental or intentional), dangerous and unexpected arguments or misunderstandings, suspicious conversations and deals, which change the lives of people who are involved in them.

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20:00 = Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes), 2014, dir. Damián Szifron, Argentina, 122 mins., Spanish with English subtitles.// This was and perhaps still is the most-seen Argentinian film ever! The movie is comprised of six separate stand-alone stories, all of which are united by their wickedly satirical themes of revenge and retribution. This is a delightful if violent film that is quintessentially Argentinian. 

(1) “Pasternak”: While being on a plane, a model and a music critic realise they have a common acquaintance called Pasternak. Soon they discover that every passenger and crew member on board know Pasternak. Is this coincidence?

(2) “The Rats”: A waitress recognizes her client – it’s the loan shark who caused a tragedy in her family. The cook suggests mixing rat poison with his food, but the waitress refuses. The stubborn cook, however, decides to proceed with her plan.

(3) “The Strongest”: Two drivers on a lone highway have an argument with tragic consequences.

(4) “Little Bomb”: A demolition engineer has his car towed by a truck for parking in a wrong place and he has an argument with the employee of the towing company. This event destroys his private and professional life, and he plots revenge against the corrupt towing company and the city hall.

(5) “The Proposal”: A reckless son of a wealthy family has an overnight hit-and-run accident, in which a pregnant woman gets killed. He wakes his parents up and his father calls the lawyer. The parents propose to pay the groundkeeper to take the blame for the boy. Soon the father discovers that he is a victim of extortion of his lawyer and the public prosecutor in charge of the investigation. What will be his decision?

(6) “Until Death Do Us Apart”: During the wedding party, the bride discovers that her newlywed husband has been cheating on her with one of the guests, and she decides to pay him back.

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Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
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