Make events

Make your own events

Do you have ideas for cultural events, clubs or festivals? In Huset you have the opportunity to make your own cultural events.

Each year, Huset presents around 1500 events organized by and with hundreds of volunteer enthusiasts and cultural entrepreneurs. Huset is a platform for co-creation, volunteering and cultural entrepreneurship. We work daily to develop fun ideas for alternative and unique experiences in the collaboration with different partners. We are very much in favor of co-creation, as it is our experience that something very special arises when involving more parties to create new ideas and solutions.


How can I make cultural events in Huset?

If you have a great project, an event or a festival, but maybe lack a venue and a partner to help lift the project, then feel free to contact us. As a partner we can offer physical frameworks, experience and knowledge, help with planning and settlement, contact with interesting partners etc.

The active users at Huset also initiate many new projects, events and festivals and are always looking for new partners and opportunities. So get in contact if you want to contribute and collaborate.


Contact Christina Lykkegaard here

Contact Alexander Nitze here


Are you looking to make a private event?

We also rent out rooms for weddings, parties, workshops etc.. If your event is not a public event but a private party or event, contact or 2151 2415 (Monday-Thursday 10 am – 12 noon) for more information about leasing.