Frivillig-projekter I Huset urban-garden

Volunteering Projects

Interested in Co-creation at Huset?


If you are a self-identified jump starter, interest in co-creation, or have the drive to start-up an event or project then Huset is the place to volunteer! You can contribute to already existing side projects that are primarily run by the volunteers at Huset, or you can create your own original concept. These projects are still maintained in Huset and are now an integral part of our events and activities. Summer in the city festival & ByHaven listed below are examples of some of the projects the volunteers at Huset helped to co-create, initiate, and maintain.

Summer in the City Festival

Summer in the City Festival is a 3-day music festival run by a handful of Huset volunteers. The festival was founded in 2015, by several of the volunteers who saw an unused space, the courtyard, with potential for greatness. They, therefore, decided to investigate how the courtyard could be used as a stage. The festival showcases the newest names from the musical growth layer, or the underground scene, where you can see bands that are on the verge of their next big break. Through co-creation, the volunteers have received guidance and support from Huset, while being responsible for planning, marketing, logistics, execution and evaluation of the festival.

The festival has been a great success and is now an annual event! Summer in the City Festival averages about 20 bands and 1,000 guests per year in Huset’s courtyard.


ByHaven i Magstræde: The Urban Garden

The Urban Garden project is a co-creation between Huset-KBH volunteers and Tuborgfondet. Tuborg supported the garden on Magstræde by funding 50, 000 kr. Our final goal is to mold the space into a green and renewable oasis!

Huset volunteers are hard a work planting fruits, vegetables, and flowers, which makes this local garden a lasting stop for everyone. Our sustainable gardening in Byhaven i Magstræde can be enjoyed by all- CPH users, residents, neighbors, and all passers, walking tours, and tourists from around the world who daily visit the street. Come be a part of this exciting project…see you in the garden!


Volunteer Booking Group

The Volunteer Booking Group is run by a group of volunteers who collectively book different artists and bands to play at Huset-KBH. The volunteers are responsible for booking artists, promoting the events, update and run social media accounts, etc. One great aspect about volunteering with the Volunteer Booking Group, is that you gain general experience with how booking works within the music business.